Carlos Manaca is one of the well-known Portuguese DJs/Producers. His career started in 1986, in his hometown, Barreiro, near Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Being one of the Portuguese DJs involved in 1989's Acid House movement, it was when he moved to the North of Portugal that his career took off. As resident DJ of two of the most important clubs in the North of Portugal, "CAIS 447" (1992 to 1995) and "ROCK's CLUB" (1995 to 1996), he played with almost all of the International DJs. Name like Armand Van Elden (1995), Danny Tenaglia (1995), Laurent Garnier (1996), Underworld playing live (1996), Jeff Mills, Ritchie Hawtin, Dj Sneak, among many others played in Portugal, for the first time, at "Rocks Club", making this club an reference in Portugal and abroad.